Living in East Baton Rouge Parish is a wondrous experience. This Parish has a population of 440,771, making it the largest parish in the state of Louisiana. This parish holds the cities of Baton Rouge, Central, Zachary, and Baker, which are all strongholds for academia and industry in the American South. This means that not only will citizens of this parish receive a top-notch education, but they can also enjoy the verdant and scenic environment that puts Louisiana on the map.

Homes for Sale in East Baton Rouge Parish

Schools in East Baton Rouge Parish

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System hosts an impressive eight United States Blue Ribbon Schools. The Blue Ribbon is a nationally esteemed magnet institution which provides students with revolutionary learning materials and second-to-none academic opportunities, such as college credit courses and a small teacher to student ratio.

In addition, this parish is focused on the inclusivity of those with learning difficulties. EBR parish is home to The Dyslexia Association of Great Baton Rouge’s Brighton School, a state-of-the-art institution for those with language-based learning disabilities. Moreover, this parish is aware that school performance relies heavily on parent-student relationships, and so Families Helping Families, a subsection of the parish, offers counseling and a plethora of workshops.

Recreation and Parks in East Baton Rouge Parish

East Baton Rouge Parish is home to some of the greenest sprawling parks, which make activities such as horseback riding and swimming in reach and accessible to all citizens. This area also features the Baton Rouge Zoo, which is open daily and has several exotic animals exhibits for tigers, flamingos, otters, and a full-sized aquarium. After wandering through the zoo, take a break and shop at either the Mall of Louisiana or the Lake Sherwood Shopping Center, massive complexes where you can get all the latest in high fashion apparel, watch the latest movie, or maybe just enjoy a quick lunch with the family.

Weather in East Baton Rouge Parish

East Baton Rouge Parish’s weather is temperate and tolerable year-round. Temperatures average around 60 degrees during the majority of summer, spring, and fall. Temperatures are tolerable yet hot enough to enjoy the summer weather in shorts and a tank top. As winter approaches, the weather drops down to around 40 degrees. This is the norm for the American South. EBRP has supremely mild weather conditions as well: this area receives half an inch of snowfall and about 6 inches of rainfall annually. This leaves plenty of sunny days for exploring the beautiful surroundings.

Real Estate in East Baton Rouge Parish

Most properties sell for an average of 200k to 300k in this parish. The median asking price for homes is $299,900, which makes buying a home in this area a great idea. Most properties come bedecked with a full-size swimming pool, an extensive backyard, and an indoor garage. However, for those who choose to live closer to the urban center, expect housing complexes with laundromats, outdoor parking, and of course, a communal swimming pool. The market is booming, and properties are being snatched up, so don’t delay in buying the ideal house.

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