Baton Rouge is an enchanting city with a population of 229,000, making it the second largest city in the state. It is the capital of Louisiana. It can be considered one of the major cultural strongholds of the American South, and as such, boasts bustling academic, technological and cinematic industries. Baton Rouge is the place to live if you want a taste of southern life without sacrificing the access that a city provides!

Homes for Sale in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Schools

Baton Rouge has 130 schools on its perimeter. Thanks to major efforts, all public schools have had a huge overhaul and are now considered excellent. Some of the top schools in the district are Parkview Elementary, Westdale Heights Academic Magnet, and Lsu Laboratory School. These schools focus on prepping children for the future by offering specialized courses in science and math. If public isn’t your first choice, Baton Rouge also has several Christian parochial institutions.

Parks & Recreation in Baton Rouge

With over 180 parks in Baton Rouge proper, citizens will never find themselves bored. Perhaps play a round of golf or tennis Anna T. Jordan community park or take up horseback riding at Farr Park Equestrian Center; or maybe take the family on a picnic at Antioch Boulevard Park.

Baton Rouge also sports several malls and consume venues – such as the colossal Mall of Louisiana. This mall has both open-air and closed-air sections and measures a sprawling 1.5 million square feet. With over 150 stores and a movie theater, there’s something for everyone here, and there’s no need to ever leave the Baton Rouge Parish.

Baton Rouge Weather

Baton Rouge’s weather is quite exquisite year-round. Temperatures average 62 degrees during the hotter months, which is tolerable yet hot enough to enjoy the summer weather and outdoor opportunities. During winter, the temperature drops to around 41 degrees, which is typical for the American South and means that even the coldest weather can be considered sweater weather in more frigid states.

Baton Rouge Real Estate

Real estate prospects in Baton Rouge are both lucrative and booming. Despite being the capital city of Louisiana, gorgeous homes can be found for as little as 200k. Given the hot and arid weather, many homes come equipped with pools, such as the gorgeous villas in Village Saint George and in the Garden District of the city.

However, if urban living is preferred, Baton Rouge offers that as well, with the East neighborhood having a multitude of living complexes that offer many amenities, such as in-house laundromats and in-ground pools.

The areas of Burtville and Longwood have massive mansions and private communal residences, for those who want something a little more exclusive. No matter the choice, most of Baton Rouge homes boast a significant amount of land, ensuring peace and quiet.

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