Central is a quiet little town, with a population of 26,864. Despite its small size, it is the second largest city in its parish and a relatively rural paradise. Many who want to live close to the urban Baton Rouge but want to avoid all the pitfalls of city life enjoy living in peaceful Central. Homes often come with acres of private property and are close to the wilderness, so lovers of privacy and the outdoors will love this town!

Homes for Sale in Central Louisiana

Schools in Central

Central has a total of 5 public schools: Bellingrath Hills Elementary, Tanglewood Elementary, Central Intermediate, Central Middle School and Central High School. Every single school in Central scores above average in national standardized testing, year after year. This is due to the tiny student to teacher ratio and the massive amount of funding that Central’s parish pours into all school systems. Teachers in Central are dedicated to their craft, and the ample funding has also made possible the creation of the Brighton School, where students with language-based disabilities attend to be prepped for college. Every student counts in Central!

Recreation and Parks in Central

Recreation facilities are aplenty here in Central. Citizens enjoy the multitude of trails to hike at the 100 acres long Hunter Park. Central also offers world-class expansive golf courses, such as the award-winning 18-hole OakWing Golf Club.

For those desiring more familiar activities, the Alexandria City Park, which has a zoo, a water playground, and a baseball complex. It is also host to family-friendly nighttime activities, like fairs and flea markets. For those seeking a bustling nightlife and less family-friendly activities, a trip into next door neighbor Baton Rouge is required. Luckily enough, the travel time is not lengthy.

Weather in Central

With 7 inches of rainfall a year and virtually no snowfall, Central‘s weather is quintessentially southern. Expect a humid climate. Luckily, swimming weather is year-round, with temperatures averaging 60 degrees during the hotter months. Be aware that heatwaves strike often, bringing the temperature up into the 90s, so have your AC at the ready! During winter, the temperature drops to around 40 degrees, which is just perfect for those who hate the frigidity and being stuck indoors. This climate is typical for the American South, so get ready to be able to enjoy outdoor activities year-round.

Real Estate in Central

Central is a largely rural town, which means many of its properties come with plenty of acres. This is perfect for those who want to expand their home, build guest houses, sheds, or even a makeshift playground for their children. There is also the option of purchasing at the town center, which is largely urban and is home to many exquisite condominiums. The median house value is $180,400 but house values range up into the $700,000 range. Many properties in Central are sprawling one-floor houses with multiple bed and baths. Those desiring peace and quiet may choose to purchase on the outer borders of the town.

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